Just thinkin’ bout cat stuff.


Just thinkin’ bout cat stuff.

Taichi: “He came out of an egg, he must be a bird.”

*Hikari feeds Botamon*

Taichi: “…but he eats way too much! We’ll run out of food Piyosuke.”

*Hikari scowls at her brother*

Taichi: “You don’t like the name?”

*Hikari nods*

Taichi: “Then, Bota Bota?”

*Hikari shakes her head*

Taichi: “GomaKuro?”

*Hikari refuses*

Taichi (determined): “It’s Black Devil then”

*Hikari stares at him*


⇒ Deutsche Youtube-Formate

❝ this fighter from hyrule is quite impressive, indeed… for a mere mortal.

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It’s a fucking duel disc.


Your need for a Mega Gallade+Salamence combo just tripled.


Sketch of a poster dedicated to give encouragement to victims of bullying.

I was a bullying victim as a child, so I am greatly concerned with the subject. I can understand the sadness they may feel. These children not only need help. They also need courage.

And Link is the best symbol of courage for a lot of people.

H(EARTBREAKING)APPY 5927 DAY! (09.14.2014)

Happy 5927day everyone! We’re really happy to be celebrating this ocation with this blog for the first time and we hope there are many more to come!